1:200 Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Premium Model

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1:200 Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Premium Model

Registration: VH-ZNA

Scale: 1:200 or 1/200

1 Piece Premium Model Diecast

Manufacturer: HERPA (Germany)

Material: Resin

Fleet names

Each of the 14 Dreamliners will be named after something that is uniquely Australian, including animals, places and literature. 8 of the names were voted by customers and the name Great Southern Land was chosen for the first aircraft.

Our fleet of Dreamliner names include:

• Great Barrier Reef
• Boomerang
• Skippy
• Waltzing Matilda
• Uluru
• Great Southern Land
• Quokka
• Dreamtime
• Jillaroo
• Emily Kame Kngwarreye 


Specifications of the Full-Scale Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Maximum take-off weight 254,000 kg/560,000 lb
Wing span 60.12 m/197.3 ft
Overall length 62.81 m/208.1 ft
Vertical fin height 17.02 m/55.1 ft
Cabin width 5.49 m/18.11 ft
Wing area 325 m2/3501 ft2
Average cruise speed Mach 0.85
Cruise altitude 35,000-43,000 ft
Maximum fuel capacity 126,356 l/33,380 US gal
Range with full payload 14,498 km/9,008 m
Freight capacity 17,942 kg/39,555 lb
Volumetric payload 42,722 kg/94,186 lb
Maximum thrust 331.4 kN/74,500 lb
Engines GEnx-1B74/75/P2


You can trust us with providing the highest of German Quality. Produced with the highest grade materials consisting of solid fibreglass resin and metal with some small plastic detail parts. Collectors Special Edition.